I'm Kristopher Murata and this is somewhat a tribute to Aaron Patterson (mostly known as @tenderlove), "a mild mannered Ruby programmer by day, and a Michael McDonald impersonator by night", like he describes himself.

However, what's most impressive about Aaron is that he knows like no one else how to contribute. Not only for his open source contributions, but mostly because he shares happiness.

Last year (2011) Aaron started sharing on his twitter account, every friday, pictures of himself giving a hug, and since then people reply with hugs back to him, making friday a little bit better to everyone that follows him.

And, this friday (Feb, 24th 2012), I watched a very good TEDx presentation by Shawn Achor called "The happy secret to better work" which he basically says that good thinking makes better work or leads to better results eventually.

So this got me motivated to aggregate all the happiness Aaron shared (or incentivated to be shared) on this simple app.

I hope you all enjoy it. :)

If you have any suggestions, complaints or anything else to say contact me.